Monday, March 03, 2008


JSH: Frustrating nonsense

Now it seems to me that figuring out a previously unknown rule that constrains z, where z^2 = y^2 + nT, would be convincing, but it occurs to me that finding that last bit of surrogate factoring theory may have little to no impression on most of you.

But why not?

It's such a weird situation to be able to prove in multiple ways that people pretending to be real mathematicians are lying, and proof have no meaning with any of you people.

So that the only thing that will work is to collapse the security system of the Internet world by factoring an RSA number or a big enough number that it's clear that it is reachable, as otherwise you people will just keep going on like nothing is happening?

It's so odd.

Yes, I can analyze the psychology. I can figure out how modern mathematicians are like fiction writers, and figure out how the collapse of the power of past religions created pressures for people who in the past would have been priests to become "mathematicians" in "pure math" areas where amazingly enough uselessness was a prize, but why are NONE of you capable of breaking out of this spell?

What will I do with you later?

Where do I put you in this world?

Where can I place you?

You lack the ability to be convinced by reason alone. You follow along with people who parasitically use you, or you are parasites yourselves being trained to lie to others and use other people.

And you make it your business to block the gain of knowledge for the entire human race.

At one point I seriously considered that an alien force was working here to end humanity by stopping its progress mathematically and scientifically but now I think I'm just dealing with people who are doing this for minor, meager selfish gain.

So what do I do with you after? In the aftermath?

Where do you fit in this world that will be?

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