Tuesday, March 04, 2008


JSH: Beyond the cutting edge

My research takes you beyond what was previously known now in factoring as it did in other mathematical areas.

There simply is no way known outside of what I call surrogate factoring to get a general constraint on z, when

z^2 = y^2 mod N

to use the more conventional usage, where N is the target to be factored, where you also get the factors mod p, where p is some picked odd prime.

The knowledge simply transcends what mathematicians previously thought possible.

Now then, you can all pretend to not see and go about your lives, pay your bills and act as if the end is not in sight to this silly little game of deception that many of you have played on the world, but then you cannot believe in anything nor anybody.

And I think many of you do not.

But then, what do you do when they come for you, and you're sitting in a little box trying desperately to figure a way out, and you do not believe in anything nor anybody?

You walked into this trap. The mathematics laid it for you.

And now She will finish you.

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