Wednesday, March 05, 2008


JSH: Assessing group opinion, survey

I am curious about the effectiveness of the approach I have taken in communicating mathematical ideas and research I feel is important, so I am making this post to ask your opinion!

You can answer freely but I will give a few questions that reflect areas that are of great interest to me, so responses to those question would be appreciated:
  1. Do you believe that I may have valuable mathematical ideas?

  2. Do you believe that it is at all possible that mathematicians are fraudulently and deliberately blocking those ideas?

  3. Can important ideas in factoring be presented loudly without anyone around the world noticing or caring, like governments or security agencies if those factoring ideas could lead to major breaches in security?

  4. Have you heard me talk of a "z constraint"? Does that mean anything to you?

  5. Do you think I should just shut-up, or should I post as much as I want—like anyone else?

  6. Why do you think so many posters reply to me?

  7. Do you trust mathematicians of today to tell the truth as best they know about mathematical ideas and research regardless of the source?
Thank you.

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