Friday, February 08, 2008


JSH: Two solutions to the factoring problem

If the latest approach holds as viable technique then I have two solutions to the factoring problem as I also completed the theory on surrogate factoring.

That's what all that about k and 'a' was about as I was working out various details, and then stumbled across the other approach.

I wonder how you people motivate yourselves to work at things that are far less effective in areas where I've simplified.

But what else can you do?

I have this growing sense of pathos about the human race: so many people with useless lives who just DO things because what else would they do? Sit on their hands?

What can you people understand about truth and beauty?

The world is getting crazier and I know why. It's because the thread line is heading towards a cutting point, so it's harder and harder for people to even feel purpose in their lives, but you will continue until the line gets cut because you are too limited to do anything else.

And I'll ponder your fate. It is fate. It is destiny just like it was destiny that determined that so many of you would be so wrong about so much simple math.

You never really had a choice. And you still do not now.
Nope. It's a stupid idea.

So I have one solution to the factoring problem.

Turns out that the search for how to determine k is over, as you really just need an n that has a lot of little prime factors and then just pick k to minimize nT - 2k^2 if you're not using 'a'.

That forces a lot of solutions for y, which is what does it.

The other was just a distraction.

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