Sunday, February 10, 2008


JSH: Sorry for ranting and raving

You'd think I'd just be happy with the realization that I DID solve the factoring problem, but I felt a lot of rage. I HAVE been right all along, and it IS true that academics have worked to block my research for years now.

And solving the factoring problem just scares me as well, as who knows how things will play out now.

But I think the realization that there are academics in this world who not only do not do real research but they deliberately work to block major discoveries to HIDE that they do not do real research just infuriated me.

How many of you are fakes?

How much "scientific research" are you doing that you know is crap, where you also work together to attack scientists doing legitimate research?

I think the problem is extremely widespread.

My case is a dramatic example but again I'm reminded of Dr. Halton Arp, a distinguished scientist who was an assistant to Hubble himself, who has the distinction of being both a major figure in his field—and supposedly a crackpot.

I don't agree with a lot of what he says, but I don't call him crazy, and I am flabbergasted at the major reason his colleagues do.

It seems to be all about cosmologists wishing to ignore strong evidence that their theories about red-shift are oversimplistic.

So they can claim that quasars and galaxies are further away than they really are and that we know more about the universe than we really do.

They squashed Dr. Arp's funding in the US and he had to flee to Germany.

The parasitic academics are a scourge on humanity.

They have no morals. They work to get money for bogus research and flawed research ideas and fight legitimate research because it endangers their cash flow.

So now we have a simple solution to the factoring problem and I'm afraid the same type academics in the math field will try to ignore it or hide it.

But this time that can mean a direct impact on every single one of you, so there is no just turning a blind eye hoping it's for the best, or thinking there is nothing you can do as if you do nothing then you may find it hard to eat in the coming months. You and your families.

Yup, you can help crash civilization as we know it, which is what parasitic organisms do: they destroy their hosts.

That these are human parasites does not end their impact but may make it worse and yes, you may not be able to eat, literally, in the coming months if they are not handled here.

So I'm back to ranting and raving a bit but it's such an impossible situation!!!

Mindless and immoral human beings who can't be bothered to care about humanity or its future lie mindlessly to make a few buck and to stop them civilization itself has to be endangered?

The work of countless people around the world who trusted society could be blown away in days?

Entire countries could bite the dust? Because some academics lie for a living?

When you understand the enormity of the situation I think you will think I'm being amazingly calm.

"Publish or perish" takes on an entirely new meaning now.

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