Saturday, February 23, 2008


JSH: So tired

You people have no clue the kind of energy it takes out of you to figure out a major discovery or how much more tiring it is when nasty people dismiss the math.

I'm so tired today not so much from finding the result but from the sapping effect of reading posts by people who clearly despise mathematics who get away with it.

How can they?

Aren't any of you excited by the factoring problem?

Yes, I've made lots of mistakes so many of you probably just tune me out, but do you all? Are you all immune to a brilliant but succinct mathematical argument unless someone else TELLS you it is?


That's what keeps going through my mind. How did our world get so pathetic and lost that you people are it in mathematics.

That so many people get away with pretending to be mathematicians.

How did humanity so horribly lose its way?

How can anyone hope? I keep worrying that it is game over and our species has nowhere to go but extinction as it has lost the ability to know the truth, and cherish it.

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