Thursday, February 14, 2008


JSH: So it's not a solution

It's just depressing. The math people can't be beaten unless I solve the factoring problem because they lie about proofs so I need something they can't lie about, and that's it.

So I'm stuck. They'll win.

Yeah I did get published. In SWJPAM after nine months when I even told them before publication I was an amateur.

I despise mathematicians.

And never ever again tell me that publication matters as it doesn't if the "experts" just decide to ignore it, or even break it, like those sci.math'ers did, getting that journal to pull my paper after publication.

They are scum. They lie and they know it and there's no way to stop them.

NEVER ever again tell me that publication matters.

It doesn't.

Mathematicians are the scum of the earth. They lie and they know they lie and there's no way to stop them because they are beneath contempt.

They are beneath contempt.
Ranted a bit, then I went back to wondering why this latest idea wasn't working. And I figured it out.

So, um, all the previous about potential negative impact applies.

Looks like only I had that deep down gut feeling that two primes could be used in this way, so if the math people tried what I had before, they might have noticed it didn't work but didn't realize that they should puzzle out why as it SHOULD work.

So they just went back to whatever they were doing supposing I'd failed, I guess.

I got upset, got depressed, and then just went back to problem solving as that's what I do.

And I figured it out.

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