Thursday, February 14, 2008


JSH: Scary situation, getting scarier

So I solved the factoring problem by doing some simple things and it's an easy proof and it's easy to check to verify with some simple numbers to see that I have a solution that must work, but that was days ago.

How could mathematicians not report this major find?

Well let me tell you a story. Years ago I pioneered a technique in mathematical analysis which turns a lot of established ideas in mathematics upside down and even got a paper on it published in a peer reviewed mathematical journal.

I've talked about that many times before, but the rest of the story is that I didn't just give up when the now defunct journal SWJPAM went belly-up a few months after withdrawing my paper AFTER publication after pressure from the math community against it.

But rather than elaborate on what I faced I'll point out that out of the blue a math grad student from Cornell University sent me an email offering to help. He claimed to be interested in having me explain to him my ideas and that the upside to me could be support from someone at Cornell.

So I sent him a beginning argument of a few pages. He sent back questions which I dutifully answered, but I noticed he took longer and longer between question so that a simple math argument of mostly algebra was taking this grad student MONTHS to work through.

After one long pause in his email he talked about long walks in the early morning hours like around 3 a.m. or something and I knew he was nearly gone.

Coming to the final pieces of the argument—remember I sent him beginning stuff—he finally replied back that he needed to get another math text, and that was it.

I've had a mathematician go on an immediate sabbatical when a colleague tried to help me out by having him look over some of my research on prime numbers.

A six month sabbatical.

When he returned he claimed he had never been asked about it, but refused to look at it.

I had one math professor just tell me that an equation that I knew worked—as it counted prime numbers—could not work, and he refused to be dissuaded.

They snap.

Now the factoring problem is solved. It's an easy solution but people who thought they were brilliant are wrapped up with people who are just con artists and neither of them are doing the right thing.

You physics people need to wake up to what can happen to you as well as everybody else.

The math people have gone bye bye. There is a solution to the factoring problem and it is TRIVIAL.

Hey, guess what? You could lose your funding! Your entire university could find itself stopped in its tracks if mad hackers go wild on your systems!!!

DO SOMETHING you people. Or while you sit twiddling your thumbs civilization as we know it can go up in flames and you won't be doing research on advanced computer systems but maybe writing things out on whatever scraps of paper you can find between foraging for food and dodging wild dogs.



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