Tuesday, February 12, 2008


JSH: It's a hard life

People think that life is easy now when most of humanity is struggling out there, while a few people—percentage wise—are living large. So they think something has changed because they personally are desperate for attention versus eating, or having clean water.

But all that has changed is the illusion of a change has gotten

The difference now is that our mistakes can lead to the extinction of the human species.

And that would kind of suck.

Problem solving is not just a way to get attention. Science is not about impressing people with how smart you are. And publish or perish is about the survival of our species, when it's right.

I can assure you that many of you are lost. You are lost souls who think the world is a giant piggy bank with endless funds and it doesn't matter if you lie, cheat and steal because SOMEONE will save the day down the line, or you just don't believe in much of anything so you think that nothing matters, except what you can take.

Except I can tell people exactly what you take and that you don't think anything matters except what you take.

The window is closing for us.

There is only so much time to get things together before we close the door on life on this planet which is what the small-minded people out there think can't happen, so they make it inevitable.

Yes, we can kill life on this planet, and in doing so, end our own as well.

But out of the tragedy that I think is rapidly closing, whether you can see it or not, or believe it or not, if it happens nothing you think can stop it, or even pause it, and your stupidity won't save a single living thing, maybe some life can survive, and with it, a soaring future can be realized.

Our sister planet is Venus. She is our twin. We are heading towards her fate.

It's time to get ready to go. Humanity will have to leave planet earth, and soon.

Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not.

Some of us will be going.

The rest of you will, well, you can figure it out.

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