Friday, February 08, 2008


JSH: Hoping I'm wrong

For those of us in the "civilized world" life is so much easier than it was for our ancestors and I think some people just went crazy with that and thought it was over—that somehow humanity had beaten reality down to size.

But our ancestors learned correct mathematics and science and technology because they needed it to survive.

I think we fail to do the same at our peril.

I hope I'm wrong. I look at the same news many of you do and understand how a warming earth can create crazy weather, and I know that it is so easy to think of slow processes that can take a long, long time, but why?

What really do you believe in that tells you that our world has so much time?

The truth is about what works.

I think some people around the world decided that now was the time to seize control with millennia ahead, and now I'm saying it could be a lot, lot, lot less, so maybe I'm saying that in the hope that some of them will stop what they've been doing?

But what if that is the reality?

I think there are people on this planet who would trade the existence of the human species for a few years of them living like kings and queens dominating the earth.

And maybe that is the real message: you do not know these people or what they are capable of, or how much they can take from you for nothing at all.

Genius means I can force things, and if it comes down to it, I definitely will, but if I do that then I leave most of you behind. I will leave billions of you behind.

But for now, I'm still holding open the door, hoping that some of you want to live.

But if you do not, I will not make you.

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