Friday, February 15, 2008


JSH: Frustrated.

Maybe I should say more after going on and on about an approach that I now accept was just useless for factoring, but I keep thinking about why I'm so desperate for something in the factoring area anyway, which is the blocking of my "pure math" research where math people don't follow their own rules.

I NEED a practical math result because one dead journal shows how locked down math society has it now.

Maybe we'll take each other down before all of this is over and I'll get my way of convincing the world that mathematicians routinely lie and your society will find a way to get me in return.

And it is a sad testimony to the true reality of modern academia.

It is a medieval system. And you end up in medieval crap with it, like what I call the Math Wars.

Some of you seem to think the Math Wars are just fun and games or just some silly "crackpot" mouthing off, but it is about me finding a way to do things like end tenure, reduce funding for academics and convince the world that objective measures, rather than just letting academics say which of their buddies supposedly did something great, are necessary.

So sit back. Think you have it all handled as I remain frustrated, and venting in futile anger at a feudal system of academia, because I need that practical mathematical result to break a broken system, but remember, it only takes one result for me to then go back and use every moment like this to emphasize to the public why it needs to do as much as necessary.

Our modern world exists today because discovery was cherished.

But parasites have turned things upside down for a few dollars and some empty accolades because they can't appreciate the value.

If humanity loses then it loses down the line, and the extinction of our species whenever it occurs as we probably won't manage to get off this planet, may trace back to a tragic shift, when major problem solving was lost, and pretend took over.

Call me crazy. But then nothing I do will work in the real world, right?

But then you won't find funding drying up, and you won't find an increasingly skeptical public demanding more than just your say-so, right?

Call me crazy, and if I am then the solutions I find to convince people that your society lies in the real world won't really be solutions, right?

But I see the end of the Math Wars putting most of you in other areas of work outside of mathematics. But my vision is against your will to stop me.

We'll see who wins down the line.

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