Saturday, February 09, 2008


JSH: Floor function and irony

So yeah, use the floor() function and you blow apart any semblance of symmetry in the solution to the factoring problem.

The integer requirement is a constraint.

Over and over again I see clear evidence that many of you are less interested in solving problems than just going through the motions.

What makes you think you are mathematicians?


I'm curious.

Any answers?

I dare you to try and answer:

What makes ANY of you believe that you are mathematicians?

I want an answer.

[A reply to someone who wrote that James has nothing after twelve years of rants, raves and diatribes.]

And if howling at reality were enough to change it then monkeys would rule the world.

But they don't.

And you don't know who does.

[A reply to the same person, who wrote again that James has nothing.]

I have mathematical proof. And that's what angers you so much.

That's why mathematics is so great.

Correct answers are correct no matter how much others may howl.

And yes you are howling, and it does not change a thing.

[A reply to the same person, who wrote that James is a delusional narcissist.]

It's an easy proof. There are 4 equations and 4 unknowns.

Objections to the proof centered on focusing on equations that are not the final equations as you can use the integer requirement and the floor() function to produce 4 independent equations with 4 unknowns, so it's trivial algebra.

I don't make the truth.

It always existed.

People just have to find it, and it takes looking for the truth to find it.

Reality can really suck, you know? And it can be so hard when it does terrible things to you, but it's not like crying about it changes it.

The world just keeps on turning, taking us along with it, for now, until we reach for the stars.

My journey, and my challenge has been about giving us an opportunity to get off this planet, and go to the stars.

Without these first challenges, I wouldn't have what it takes, and the world wouldn't understand what it takes either.

Life didn't get easier.

It got harder.

We have what gifts we do because we need every one of them if we are to survive.

Coming up very soon is survival itself for life on this planet.

Yes, the entire planet can die.

Earth itself can die.

Life didn't get easier.

It got harder.

And the bar was raised whether anyone knew it or not.

So what if there are over six billion people on the planet now if they can be wiped out in just a few years?

Call that success?

I don't. I want more. I want the stars.

[A reply to someone who wondered whether James is a Scientologist now.]

No. Just bored.

Hey, if you guys can poke holes in this latest idea, fine.

It's math.

If it's right, it's right.

If it's wrong it's not, but I think you people lie.

I TELL you that I think you people lie.

So it's not enough for me to just solve the factoring problem and prove that I have, I need to show you LYING about me solving the factoring problem so that then I can prevent you from being in the position to lie about math and be listened to, ever again.

So now it's about proving that your field is corrupted.

Nothing else.

Everything from here on out is about giving me the power to make extreme changes in the math field, from shutting down entire departments at even major universities like Princeton or Yale, to ending funding for large swaths of the math world.

It's all about my ability to make change.

I need you to be who you are to give me the power to change the entire world mathematically.

And you are doing as expected, so far.

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