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JSH: Class wars and the Math War

Having turned my problem solving abilities to the question of why my mathematical discoveries have not be properly acknowledged by the mathematical community I've come up with a highly speculative but very sordid answer that goes all the way back to Britain, involves the US revolutionary war, and explains why a Tiger Woods or an Oprah is ok for a certain powerful minority in the US, but a "black" genius in the math field is not.

Ok, the British had a very rigid class system with a nobility that ruled over a commoner class, where that nobility was better fed and educated and the commoner class could at times face widespread deaths from famine and disease.

As the British improved agriculture—as this was an agricultural society I remind—they had population pressures which the nobility could artificially handle with wars, like the Crusades.

That social solution—the nobility—waned in its direct control but not before a colony was established in the Americas and some of early colonizers I speculate determined to re-create the British system in what would become the United States--but with themselves and their children the nobility, as they were coming from the commoner class.

With that assumption alone you can begin to explain quite a bit of US history, but it does create a certain amount of cynicism about how terribly human beings can treat each other.

Coming from Britain with its harsh realities, some colonists in the US showed no mercy in how they dealt with natives or in how they worked to create their two-tier system, while others worked to escape the brutalities of that system, and get away from the feudal model.

So you have the fundamental contradiction of American society: a feudal group fighting to re-create Britain in the US and a middle-class society that thinks it fought to escape it.

The Revolutionary War in the US supposedly lead to the ending of rule of the US by Britain while it has been acknowledged that the two countries have remained close, but those who fought against separation from Britain—and there were a sizable number—I suggest to you, did not just give up.

They simply went underground.

It could take some time to explain all that this speculative inquiry says about world history and how it changes so much including what really happened in the 20th century versus what history says happened, and why powerful people were willing to lie about so much of it, as Britain could not have escaped noticing that it still had more influence than could be justified if the US really followed its own Constitution closely, and really had completely left the shackles of the British class system.

Today that is obvious with George W. Bush and imperialistic behavior from the White House, which somehow could not be contained by any democratic controls, where Britain and the US acted in concert where areas previously under the sway of Europe during its colonial period came to the fore again, when of course, it was about oil as an increasingly important resource.

Iraq and Iran can be distinguished as being remarkable in that both at one time in the 20th century could see themselves as US allies. Remarkably most US war activity post World War II can be seen to be against former allies.

The British help a minority group in the US that sees itself as emerging royalty to say one thing, and do another as it works to create a two tier class system in the US with its group as the new nobility.

It does not mind sports figures, entertainment figures or others of what can be seen as a servant class to get fame and fortune because they are seen as a servant class.

But genius is another matter entirely and this group makes it its business to shutdown acceptance of major discovery from people it sees as of a lesser class.

If the discoveries are important enough to society they are simply stolen and credit is not given to the discoverer.

One remarkable case to illustrate is that of a "black man" who pioneered open heart surgery only to have credit taken by a "white man" in the US, though intriguingly that story did recently come out, which is how I know about it anyway, so is their control slipping?

Probably. The Internet is a powerfully disruptive force because it allows rapid flow of information around the world, and this group lies a lot. It says one thing and does another: for instance, claiming to liberate when its actions are to occupy, but the Internet allows people to discuss the behavior beyond the words.

Then what happened in the US with the Bush presidency may have been a desperate action by a group that sees its own version of the American Manifest Destiny slipping away, where the point was to seize a tremendous amount of power, push the presidency to imperialism, and cement the position of its own class by grabbing huge amounts of wealth and influence in order to move out of the stealth zone and into the light of day ahead of inevitably being exposed.

The current crashing of the world economy can be seen as the aftermath of twisted policies and beliefs of descendants of the commoner class of Great Britain who just wanted to be royalty themselves, and saw an opportunity not to be missed in the New World, so they tried to be feudal in a modern world.

And in their feudal pursuit, they destroyed so much, and gained so little.

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