Thursday, February 07, 2008


JSH: But you seemed so serious

I will admit that I have found it fascinating over the years how seriously some of you seem to take insulting posts. You'd think after over a decade that there had to be some reason, right?

What reason might there be for me to just let those posts bounce off, or glide off like water off of a duck's back?

I have a problem solving background. I know how problem solvers behave.

And I know how people who want something to be true that isn't behave as I've been there myself.

Logic and mathematics are brutal disciplines.

But they have a saving grace, which is that if you are right, and you can actually prove it, then, well, then you get a different perspective. You're always looking in from the outside, puzzling out why other people might behave like they do, from a position that is far beyond anything that they can imagine, if they won't accept what
is true.

So not a lot that is happening around the world puzzles me.

Humanity has become dominated by people who work mostly to convince other people, which doesn't work when you have problems that depend on accepting what is true.

If the trend continue, Nature will balance Herself by making the human species extinct.

Because it failed.

So it IS fair.

For most of you life is about what you can convince other people is true because in your minds that is EVERYTHING about what you can get from this world.

But reality always wins, and your success can be humanity's death and it is fair.

By turning away from truth, you make certain that the problems will not be solved. The answers will not be found. And the truth will win, as always.

Global warming is not just a warning or a distant threat. The physicists know what I know which is that it is a mystery why the earth is not too hot for life now anyway.

There is a wonderful balance which has given a window, which is our window for success, or failure.

And that window is closing, and when it closes there will be no debates, no questioning, nor any fraud of any kind, as there will be no people, and mostly no life on this planet, or no life, at all.

Your faith in having time to live your lives comes from believing in systems you have helped corrupt.

There is very little time left.

If our species cannot get it together long enough to get off this planet in just a little while then it will be just another afterthought in a really big universe.

So yes, what you people have done has mattered. And I fight on not just for some silly little things that matter to you but for the meaning of all life that has been on this planet and all life on this planet now as the future is a dead earth.

That is the future that has become inevitable now.

So we must leave. And soon. Or we are just another failed species.

Our mother earth will soon die. And our species created this situation. But if there is to be anything left of all the life on this planet, any purpose for its existence, beyond maybe some aliens pondering what may have been here before, it's about what we do next. How we absorb knowledge of the tragedy to come, and find a way to send life into space. Somehow, someway we must solve the problems necessary.

The weather disturbances will only increase. Soon enough crops will fail. Wars will break out as humanity fights over diminishing resources unless we accept that time is already running out.

I don't want to give my assessment of how much time is left.

But I suggest that scientists work harder at their models, and honestly answer about how much time is left.

Global warming is the last chapter to the current phase of life on planet earth. Maybe in a few billion years life will arise again.

But life that remains on this planet is doomed. The greatest extinction in earth's history is just around the corner.

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