Sunday, February 10, 2008


JSH: Art of War

I am a fan of the book THE ART OF WAR, and there is a great story in it about this great general who wanted to conquer this heavily fortified city so he encamped near it and prepared to attack, but he had no intentions of going through with it at that time.

Still as his army approached the city had no choice but to prepare so it closed its gates and its citizens rushed to their defensive positions.

At the last moment the general had his armies wheel away from attack, return to their camp and bed down.

He did this routinely for months.

The same drill each time, his troops would assemble for the assault, charge the city, the city would close its gates on go on the defensive, and then the general would wheel away.

So guess what happened?

The city grew complacent, and used to the drills, so one day, when the general came charging, they didn't even bother to close the gates and no one went to defensive positions as they thought it was just another drill.

But this time the general completed the assault and conquered the city.

Great story.

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