Monday, February 25, 2008


JSH: All on my math blog

The full surrogate factoring theory is on my math blog.

Now I've been arguing still with posters who are playing the same games that worked to block the world from knowing that I found a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem--over five years ago.

And even a freaking math journal dying did not make a difference.

So I turned to the factoring problem.

Some of you are parasites. Like parasites in nature it is not in your nature to consider your own life when it comes to behaving as you are genetically or environmentally programmed.

You are human parasites so you behave as parasites and parasites can kill their host.

Here the host is human civilization as we currently know it.

Now the parasites would not be parasites if they were brilliant.

They established themselves in academic areas as the idea of "pure research" allowed them to get away with doing nothing of value if they gained critical mass so there is no telling how much of what we think of as valid knowledge is just parasitic waste product.

They just say that the research of their own is correct. Easy for them.

They needed to "publish or perish" to keep up their parasitic

Ok, so with the fate of the human race in the balance my job was to stop parasites who could block acceptance of a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, of my prime counting function, of my definition of mathematical proof, of my basic logic axioms and just about anything else I came up with including my open source project and I think I even gave Google a business plan for YouTube and even that didn't matter.

So the factoring problem was it.

After arguing with myself for years about the ethical issues, while searching for the answer I concluded, especially as global warming grows as a problem, that the parasites were capable of driving the human race to extinction not because they want to, or because they're completely evil, but because they're stupid.

They are parasitic.

Do you think some math professor doing fake math really thinks he could end civilization as we know it?

No. No, but if you lose your family, or you are months away from a place where starvation is something you are facing as a reality when you're in a vibrant London today, or a healthy Amsterdam today when in a few months it can be like something out of a horror movie, the entire city, then once you are there, there is no going back, and there is no thinking to yourself that you should have listened.

Death is the greatest reality check of them all.

I can assure you of one thing, if what I call the Math Wars continue for much longer then many of you will learn that yes, there are such things as parasitic humans who have almost completely infested academia by your resignation as you face your own death, probably by starvation, though it may be by disease or lack of clean water.

We are so close to the brink here. And I would warn those that would exploit the solution of the factoring problem that they need to take stock and consider that maybe it's not such a good thing to steal a lot of money if their actions can just end everything as we know it.

I'm not sure how long parasitic math people can hold the line on this one.

But they sure are trying as hard as they worked to block my previous research.

So your life may be one of the sacrifices for the future of humanity.

But I had to make the calculation. And I decided that our entire species could be made extinct if the threat were not faced head on with force-on-force.

So I decided and here we are. You may die as a result, but consider if you lived so that everyone would die later in a world where parasites had simply removed the ability for people to solve problems for real, versus fantasy.

Even if it lasted hundreds of years before humanity finally just died out, everything before would have been for nothing. Our entire history, for nothing because at the end we couldn't handle the enemy from within.

So the real war has finally started. And if you die as a result, you have my apologies and my sympathy, but better you than everyone.

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