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JSH: Stolen dreams and the distributive property

To understand succinctly how low mathematicians can go, just consider the following simple expression:

c*P(x)=(f_1(x) + c)*(f_2(x) + c)

where c is a non-zero integer—so it is a constant—and P(x) is a polynomial with integer coefficients, while f_1(x) and f_2(x) are functions of x.

Now I say that the distributive property is independent of the value of x.

Posters disagree because if you agree with that statement then you can let x=0, and with examples I have you can find then that f_1(x) or f_2(x) should have c as a factor, but THEN find that they do not always in the ring of algebraic integers.

That is succinctly is the primary issue which if I'm correct sinks Galois Theory as currently taught and shows that major works over a period longer than a century in number theory must be wrong.

To understand why I am right first notice that at x=0, with P(0) not equal to 0, and coprime to c, it cannot be true that both f_1(0) = 0 and f_2(0) = 0, so it makes sense to normalize them by substituting for functions that do both go to 0 at x=0.

There have been many arguments over YEARS on sci.math to fight just that step!!!

Also note that the paper which sci.math'ers sank with emails to the editors of SWJPAM relies on this basic result.

There really is no mathematical basis for disagreeing with me, but mathematicians as a community lie, and I know they lie because of this simple result and my other mathematical research.

Their lies cost me rewards for my discoveries, just like that school changing the rules cost me a reward for having the highest SAT in my graduating class, and I want you to understand that stealing is what these people are doing, but they are not just stealing my dreams.

Consider the high school kids dreaming of being mathematicians, who will start school at colleges and universities soon, or to move it outside this country, also consider those kids in secondary schools or whatever people are calling the last schools before college in this country who are soon going to be taught mathematician ideas proven false years ago by me.

They are the ones who are robbed. Their dream of doing legitimate research is what is being taken away by people who are quite deliberately lying about the most basic mathematics.

A reply to soeone who wrote that stealing James' dreams serves him right for not being “white”.

I assume you are being sarcastic but this situation is weird enough that it's hard not to wonder what's going on and that could be a large part of it in the United States at least.

I have an argument that is trivially easy where I can prove that people are lying about that argument using something as simple as

c*P(x)=(f_1(x) + c)*(f_2(x) + c)

where c is a non-zero integer—so it is a constant—and P(x) is a polynomial with integer coefficients, while f_1(x) and f_2(x) are functions of x.

I copied that down from the top of my original post as from the mathematical side, all you need to know is there, as there is NO WAY the distributive property cares what value x has, as the value of x is irrelevant to how factors of c distribute as you multiply P(x) by it.

That is trivially easy math but denying it is an ongoing process by the modern mathematical community.

It is not beyond reason that in the United States race may play a factor, as this country is well-known for its problems in that area.

I'd represent a sharp reversal of racist positions still held by many in this country.

And I like giving that example where I had the highest SAT score in my graduating class but the school gave the award for having the highest SAT score to a "white" kid by adding in another condition on the fly to give people outside the US some perspective.

Yes, that sort of thing can happen here and it's not just about the school, as it's also about that kid—the loser made a "winner".

Yes, I fear that people in my country could lie about my research, robbing the world of mathematical advancement for racial reasons and I've explained my theories on why in previous posts, going all the way back to colonists coming from Britain afraid of ever being on the bottom again.

Airplanes need wider seats because of the obesity rates in this country.

I suggest to you over-consumption here is about irrational fears held by many of the populace who are deeply afraid of one day again being under the rule of a nobility as their ancestors once were in Britain.

In comparison, lying about math is nothing.

These people are afraid. The greatest export of the United States is fear because that is the reality of many in this country—deeply held fear.

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