Sunday, July 15, 2007


JSH: Shifting world opinion

My goal as I've often put out there is to change the way the world looks at people like you.

Now then, if you're a mathematician who is truly independent of what the world thinks of you—like many have claimed—then that means nothing to you.

But make no mistake, as this goes forward it's not about recognition from your world which some of you seem to be finally figuring out while others have been stupidly arrogant for years believing I want you to say I have great discoveries.

I have great discoveries. I don't need your say-so in the matter.

So then, the Math Wars have gone on for a little while and can go on for longer with me telling the world you people are cons and fakes who have hard to understand crap because it is a con and your research is often not true.

As I work to change the opinion of the world of you I am also working to cut into public funding for mathematicians as I try to end the white collar welfare system that empowers so many of you.

If you are a real mathematician who cares not what the world thinks of you, then none of that will matter.

Then all you need is a writing utensil and paper and those are cheap. You don't also need a salary.

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