Sunday, July 29, 2007


Council of Concerned College Graduates

I want to put the idea out there that college graduates have a responsibility to the academic system worldwide to help maintain a healthy one, and to that end I propose the creation of an organization called the Council of Concerned College Graduates or the CCCG.

The primary issue I think with academia is truth:

How do we know when published results are correct?

How do we know that what is taught in colleges and universities around the world is correct?

What independent measures can be established to counteract fraud or other human weakness?

As a college graduate I am very grateful for the education I received from Vanderbilt University, and to me a precious commodity is one that is protected.

It seems to me that those who have gone through the system but now are outside of it may be the best guardians of it.

But that is just an idea so I put it here on this site, to release it to the world.

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