Monday, June 05, 2006


JSH: Understanding the pathology

Yuck. Yet another stupid flight of fancy, but hey, it occurs to me that we need to help each other here.

I have watched myself step through this pattern for years now.

Sure, reply claiming I should get professional help. That will make me angry.

I get angry, and you get more of the same.

What I do find is that I do like just playing around with simple math, it relaxes me.

But at times the harmless fun steps over into some kind of malignant thing, and part of the process is coming out to post and run into these people who have dedicated themselves to insulting me for years.

It is a drama that needs a lot of players to be maintained. In ways it's fun, but I'd think for some it is getting way past old.

Ways to make it worse:

Insult me.

Tell me not to post.

Think up clever ways to question my mental health or my intelligence.

At will I can come along and kind of take over newsgroups.

It's a gift.

If you wish to fight the gift, then hey, we can play this same stupid pattern out indefinitely.

I don't really feel tired.

I do get a lot out of it, but then again, I think that maybe if I could shut off the energy that you people are giving me, I could maybe wander off and do other things.

Yes, there is an energy involved in all of this.

Your society lives for insults.

I can use that energy at will.

Insults are the favorite tool of many of you. Insults don't stop me.

Go ahead. Question my intelligence. Question my sanity.

Keep making me mad.

And down the line, I'll just take over, again, just like I've done, year, after year, after year.

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