Sunday, June 04, 2006


JSH: But what if I AM right?

I'd like to see if any of you can do an exercise in hypothetical thought, and consider what it would mean if I were right.

What if I DO have a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, my prime counting function IS extremely important and can lead to way of resolving the Riemann Hypothesis, and I DID find this extraordinary situation where because "pure math" results are not checked by reality like applied math results and currently aren't checked by computer, mathematicians have believed arguments were proofs that are not?

Group delusions on a huge scale are known.

But I don't think anything in human history is close to this situation—if I am right.

Can any of you even imagine the possibility?

If not, what makes you think you know I am wrong?

I am very curious and anxious to read responses on why you think you know I am wrong, as if you think I am right, shouldn't you DO something?

A mass delusion on this scale is hard to conceive of, I admit.

It is far beyond thinking the earth is flat despite being able to look out over the ocean and see it curve away from you.

But, what if? What if I am right on all of these issues? What would that mean?

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