Thursday, May 18, 2006


SF: The other route, corrected approach

The same reasons for putting this on Usenet are still there, so I changed my mind again, and am now putting up the surrogate factoring equations that follow from a different approach than what I used before:

(2(k_1-2)y - vz)^2 = (9 - 4k_1)z^2 v^2 + 4(k_1 - 2)(k_2 z^2 + T)


T = (x+y+vz)(x+2y-vz)

and T is the target composite.

My previous approaches, if you remember, ended up with you picking y, and getting z, but that way doesn't work for some simple reasons, which I call the broken wing problem.

This way doesn't have the same problem.

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