Sunday, May 14, 2006


JSH: That was useless

Um, so the factoring idea I have is not new, and the solution I gave was just the upper bound for positive x.

I am going to shift strategy a bit as I do not hate the alt.math newsgroup.

I am dropping routinely posting to the alt.math newsgroup.

You people did not mount am email campaign against my paper.

Your posters have not spent years in dedicated efforts to paint me as a crackpot or put up webpages deriding me and my research.

I started posting to alt.math about my settled research like my prime counting function but when nothing happened kept going even when I wandered off into, well, other stuff.

I will continue to post to the sci.math newsgroup, however, as I do hate that newsgroup, and its members have done everything I mentioned above and more.

Until my settled research is accepted I have little to do but piddle around here or there when it comes to math stuff, and make a lot of noise about factoring, as I have already mentioned many times my reticence about putting up a working factoring solution.

I think that would be punishing people who have nothing to do with any of this, who have no clue about these math wars, so I just do not plan on doing it.

But I can keep posting my speculations and dabblings here or there, with it upfront that I have no intentions of ever succeeding at giving a workable solution to the factoring problem.

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