Thursday, May 25, 2006


JSH: My only hope

I have mostly given up on trying to solve the factoring problem. I guess my abilities are not limitless.

Without mathematics with that kind of impact to force the issue, my only hope is to push for computer checking of mathematical arguments.

If the computer science of mathematical argument checking can be pushed forward, then when I put forward a proof and it goes through the computer—verified—then I can get my work accepted, as the social forces that so many of you effectively use, are taken out of the picture.

I have concluded then that the best way forward for me is to see what ways can be done to advance computer programming that checks math arguments, with the probable need of de-fanging mathematicians who will fight, fight, fight a system which is long overdue where for a "proof" to be accepted, it has to get through a computer checker, first.

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