Monday, April 24, 2006


SF: Hyperbolic factoring method

It turns out I DID fix the problem with my latest surrogate factoring equations:

T = (x+(k_3 -1)y - vz)(x + y + vz)

x^2 + k_3 xy + k_1 y^2 = k_2 z^2

(2(v^2 - k_2)z - (k_3 - 2)vy)^2 = (((k_3 - 2)^2 - 4(k_1 - k_3 + 1))y^2 - 4T)v^2 + 4k_2(k_1 - k_3 + 1)y^2 + 4Tk_2

where my earlier equations were the equivalent of k_3 = 1, which won't work. Also, k_3=2, won't work, but other values should be fine, like k_3 = 3.

I really wonder sometimes if you people are suicidal.

I am deliberately posting after my post on the sum of primes being related to quadratic residues—which relates to Goldbach's conjecture—as I want it to be absolutely clear if you people continue to push this that you are doing so with your eyes wide open.

Make no mistake. If math society wants to put itself in the position of answering to a lot of investors, in a world that is changed forever because you people sat on your hands and wished I'd go away, then don't be surprised if people all over the world fall all over themselves trying to figure out ways to punish you.

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