Sunday, April 16, 2006


Reality check: Counting prime numbers

Some of you may be to used to going to a reference to appreciate how hard it is to do something like figure out a way to count prime numbers, so here is a simple check, a reality check, where you need to do your best to stay away from references, as I want you at some point to try and figure out your own way to count prime numbers.

If you already know of some of the basic methods, then try to improve on them—without looking at a reference. See if you really know them then.

If you are an expert in the area then the super test which no one in the world to my knowledge has ever been able to succeed at, making it the hardest intelligence question known, re-derive my prime counting function.

To see it the best place is at the Wikipedia in an article I wrote that is now in the history:

See if you can derive the function shown there.

The point of this reality check is to remind you all that finding something new, without help, and without references is not easy. It's not the kind of accomplishment that deserves ridicule, or calm dismissal.

If any of you manage to re-derive my prime counting function, without having seen my derivation, then please tell me, as I'm keeping up with the results of what may be the hardest intelligence test question ever.

To my knowledge in all of human history I am the only person to figure out that partial difference equation and how to count primes with it.

I'd like to know if any other human being is even capable of coming close, having at least seen the equations, which is more than I had when I figured them out from scratch.

I am sure that some nincompoops may reply in this thread with nonsense, but they will be ignored.

The reality check requires that you do something, and try.

Talk is not of interest to me.

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