Saturday, April 08, 2006


Prime counting research, most telling

I like to talk about much of my research and push the reality of how simple it is, while mathematicians who supposedly care about important mathematics keep ignoring my results, but it's always with my prime counting research that people outside the field can check, and I am most puzzled by the behavior of the mathematical community.

I like to point out now that I wrote an article on the Wikipedia a while back which now is in the history:

Sure it's a bit rough despite a few edits but not bad for a quick effort, and hey, how often do you write an entire encyclopedia article? It's a non-trivial task, even for me.

But, the way people go on and on about me and my research you'd think anyone could do it.

I have an explanation for questions about the prime distribution.

It's a simple explanation. Maybe it's not sexy enough for many of you, who love the complexity of the Riemann Hypothesis, but it's an answer.

I know you don't want the answer. I know because it's been years since I found it and mathematicians are still acting as if the answer isn't out there.

But it's the answer, so it won't change. You can go your entire lives, with lies, convince yourselves that you care about mathematics when you don't. Hold on to information that is not what is true, and it doesn't change.

The Pythagorean Theorem didn't actually belong to Pythagoras. Knowledge has value beyond your feelings about that knowledge.

Yes, I'm sure some of you would just as soon slit your wrists as live in a world where I'm known for what I actually accomplished, but it's not really my math.

You're robbing yourselves, robbing the world, and your feelings on this issue are just childish.

Hiding information from the world to attack the discoverer is not brilliant, and it's so obvious that you must have realized I could figure it out.

You people want to hurt me. And to you the simplest way is to deny my research.

So? People like to hurt each other. What does that have to do with mathematics?

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