Saturday, April 15, 2006


Please notice, prime counting thread, responses

What amazes me is how often I can talk about these things, people reply with nonsense and it not matter as there is a already a reply by some guy named Santos where he just claims that my research is on the current Wikipedia prime counting function page, but if you look, it's not.

But some stupid reader will look at that reply, and go, oh, yeah, someone is claiming that his research is not new, so it must not be!

Why is it that easy for them?

Direct evidence. On the history page where you can see the prime counting function article I wrote you can see it takes about four lines total to present my prime counting function.

Hey that's because it uses a partial difference equation.

Get a clue! Show some intelligence people!

It's succinct. It's succinct because it's THE ANSWER which explains the why of the prime distribution. There is no other research like it in the world.

But still some person just replies claiming something else is the same, and I've seen this happen again and again and again over the years, you people believe them.

On my side the issue here is, what's wrong with you people?

I am curious. I am frustrated because I keep defining human beings as people who can be convinced by facts, and finding my definitions fail.

So that's part of it, for those who wonder why I keep posting, as I'm trying to find the dumbness limit. I'm researching how stupid human beings can be in ignoring the obvious.

I actually do see people as closer to other apes after going through this experience, as more and more I see that facts are less important to most of you than, I'm at a loss.

It's like I'm trying to understand the minds of creatures at a level so much lower that it is difficult.

Like trying to read the mind of a cat. Why is the cat really doing that?

Not sure.

Why are you people really doing this?

I'm not sure.

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