Saturday, April 15, 2006


JSH: Things never before done

It amazes me how I can put up discoveries showing mathematics never before seen that explains big questions and you people can decide that the appropriate response is to lie about the mathematics and call me names.

There has never before been a direct link between a straight mathematical equation and the prime distribution.

No one figured out how to do it before. And no, sieve methods don't count, and brute force methods don't count, and Riemann's idea is just a hypothesis.

Don't you know he was looking for what I found?

And you stupidly lie and people believe the stupid lies when they don't even make sense!

For years a bunch of sci.math'ers were claiming that what I found was just Legendre's Method.

But Legendre's work doesn't have a partial difference equation!!!

When I'd push about the partial difference equation, people would start talking about it being slow!

You people are stupid. You tell stupid lies. And you just amaze me for acting so, so stupid!

So you push me to work on factoring. So I go ahead and figure out a new way to factor, trying my best to make it harmless, hoping some sense of self-preservation will step in, but no, you people are stupid. You are STUPID!!!

So I can put up a hyperblic factoring method and you just act like it doesn't matter that IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE just like you act like it doesn't matter that NO ONE IN HISTORY EVER FOUND A PARTIAL DIFFERENCE EQUATION THAT COUNTS PRIMES and I just keep realizing that you people are STUPID!!!

You people are just freaking stupid. You're stupid. You are stupid. YOU ARE STUPID!!

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