Monday, April 10, 2006


JSH: Prime counting should be easier

I don't need the non-polynomial factorization result.

I think that the reason I can't get anywhere with my prime counting research is that mathematicians are worried about letting all my research in, so if I didn't have that find, then maybe I'd be making progress.

I think it's kind of a sickening result.

Over a hundred years of effort, all those people who thought they had it right, and all that effort, just lost.

I look for proof that I am wrong. I assume often enough that I am wrong, and then find that the mathematics goes one way.

Look at what's happening here.

You people went after a mathematical journal. It died.

Look at Decker, an otherwise seemingly thoughtful person, down to attacking the square root having two solutions.

You people are tearing apart your own world.

I don't like the result. It scares me about how wrong people can be on a huge scale, which really scares me given the challenges the world is facing as I have to realize that humanity can screw it all up, and then what?

What makes any of you think that extinction isn't around the corner?

The issues playing out here are about the future of the human race.

To the extent that the truth can be faced I believe that problems can be solved.

You have it all in front of you, and examples in other areas, like with America and Iraq.

Denial of the truth leads to pain and destruction.

If humanity cannot face its problems, it's doomed to be killed by them.

What? You think something or someone OUT THERE is going to save us?

Why? If we can't solve our problems, then, who will?


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