Monday, April 03, 2006


JSH: Power of suggestion

Ok, time for a break, but hey, isn't this fun!!! Don't worry, posts like this one won't change the effect as it is long-lasting. It has to do with how information travels within the human brain.

You depend on those cycles—I call them—to maintain your personality and concept of reality as firm.

What I can do is, you could say, loosen the brain's sense of reality as being this solid thing, and cause you to have a more relaxed point of view.

Some of it's suggestion and part of it is using contradiction in special ways.

What's odd about it is that you can tell people what you're doing and it's not a protection.

The only protection is NOT to read my posts!

Even I have to be careful with some of them now, as you have to concentrate to keep your grip on reality.

As we move forward for some of you it will be an invigorating experience. Ideas will come to you, and your perspective will shift.

The world will look different.

But for some of you, it will terrify you. Things will happen that you can't believe and some of them, unfortunately, will not be real, but your mind may have some problems of which you are not aware which will be revealed by these techniques.

Look for them—contradictions, odd phrasing—things that seem just slightly odd, and understand the power of suggestion in all of it, as you know, it's how magicians do it!!

It's all about illusion.

Reality is firm, but your view of it is not. Your view of reality is what can be shifted.

Ok, enough fun, as I'm thinking that maybe for some of you it's time to sleep. You know, there's all that work done, and now it's time to do something else.

And besides, I need to talk about math, like some primes or something.

Sleep isn't bad for thinking about math, as sometimes, ideas come to you early in the morning, if you wake up early.

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