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JSH: Political realities

Let's face facts, the arguments are not really that substantive in terms of the mathematics.

So I can give

7*P(x) = (f(x) + 7)*(g(x) + 1)

where f(x) and g(x) go to 0 and explain the logic of it all indefinitely without it mattering what's mathematically true because of the politics of the situation, and the reality that my results overturn the idea that mathematics is immune from overturning results.

So mathematicians will be damned before they ever admit there's a problem with the definition of algebraic integers, and they will refuse to admit that something as hallowed as ideal theory could be simply flawed.

Proof is irrelevant to the politics of the situation.

What is fully revealed here is what's not new: human beings can say something, like mathematical proof, is what's important but reality is that what they think they can get away with, is what's important.

If mathematicians thought for a second that the world might take me seriously, look into my research and realize that it's correct, top mathematicians all over the world would be falling over themselves to talk about my research and its importance, as the proofs are the easy part.

But you know and I know that the arguments can go on indefinitely and the world can be fooled indefinitely so they keep quiet, not even caring about therefore dooming their place in history.

Mathematical proof is great as a concept, but human nature has evolved over quite some time, far longer than that concept and human nature is winning here where I can show over and over again that people are arguing against the distributive property to fight my research and itnot matter as at the end of the day, human beings are apes slightly more evolved than their cousins, and often the least important thing is what people say is important to them, when the impact of the truth isn't what they would like.
One of the things I find MOST fascinating in discussions on this newsgroup is the importance some of you seem to attribute to SAYING my results are wrong, and I guess getting that feedback from others in agreement with you, or at least not disagreeing with you.

But wait, I have mathematical proofs and research results that are HUGE in terms of impact, such that Gauss himself would be proud to have any one of them. I figure, hey, resistance is likely, and not surprising, especially since my research steps on so many toes, and eventually these things get worked out in favor of the truth.

So I can relax and try to have fun.

You know, like, I'm a major discoverer, probably one of the most important in human history.

I might be better off not having to deal with many people knowing that for a while, as then it's like having a vacation, and it's fun arguing about my results.

So, it's not really a big deal from one perspective, though I do find myself endlessly fascinated with the ability of some people to delude themselves, and feel important while they're putting on a show.

These threads are partly my statement as a discoverer against social orders that can create messes like what is happening now in Iraq.

They are MY way of showing people that it is important to fight always for what is true, as otherwise you may find yourself in a conversation with a person who is, well, not someone you should be arguing with, and have yourself a part of history in a negative way.

So yes, I've let some of you make yourselves infamous to prove what I think are important points, and no, even now, you may still not know it, which is part of the endlessly fascinating piece!!!

Meanwhile, I get to stay on vacation, in a world that needs people like me to inspire and to help solve pressing problems, and I get to blame you people for it.

Vacation is nice. I have a world of people to mix and mingle with who have no idea of just how powerful I really am, which is a good thing, I think.

I can come here and argue when I feel like it, or wander about in the world at large, anonymous, with abilities far beyond what any people around me dream are possible, thanks to many of you.

April Fools!!!
That was kind of fun, just replying to people no matter what, and to show something as you can see what good it does.

Some of you seem to be fascinated by the issue of me abandoning threads.

I do so because inane posters will reply, reply, reply no matter what to clog them up!

There is a process going on which requires that members of the mathematical community act together as a group to try to contain the information.

So they have their tactics, and I have mine.

The mathematical community is like a creature fighting for its survival using its members to try and hide the truth. I am the hero fighting the many-headed monster ya da ya da ya da blah blah blah as the mythologies predicted, and being who I am, I can't give up, and what I'm fighting can't give up so you see this drama.

Hey that's why the stories are so fascinating.

You get this interminable battle that just goes on and on, and one of my people gets born, fights for a while, crushes the bad guys, and then there's another gap, and then the battle gets fought again, and in the meantime people tell and write stories, come up with mythologies, and we become so much bigger!

It's kind of cool, but I can think of other things I'd rather be doing, but hey, got to fight till I win.

That's what my people do.

And later some will write stories and legends and try to imagine what could it possibly be like to be any of us, and imagine that they would have been on the winning side.

I make history. That's what my people do. Others get to watch, get crushed, or read about it all later.

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