Wednesday, April 26, 2006


JSH: Now you can see it happening

I'm reminding now with this quadratic residue result of when I came up with my prime counting function.

There was this stunned pause on the newsgroups for a while, as some posters realized I was right, and a few even admitted it was this neat thing.

Then the newsgroups recovered and posters came up with a couple of approaches:
  1. Claim my prime counting function was Legendre's Method, or just claim it wasn't important.

  2. Focus on speed, and emphasize that it was slow.
And YEARS passed, so now here we are again, with yet another result of mine after a bit of brainstorming and there's kind of the same pause, as certain posters like Magidin, and Ullrich, and the other usual suspects have to figure out how to convince people that this result isn't important.

Magidin has put up some stuff, where he just mentions old known things about quadratic residues, so he's already reacting a bit faster than he did with my prime counting function, where I don't remember him commenting much.

I haven't noticed much from Ullrich, but it's probably just a matter of time.

And that's how they do it.

MOST people suppose that important mathematical results wouldn't be attacked, so though they may wonder a bit, especially if they look at my research and compare it to what's out there, they TRUST that mathematicians as a group would not ignore something important, so I get stuck putting things on my blog, and whining about it on Usenet, where I get a lot of abuse.

So you can see it happening in real time, as, here we go again.

[A reply to someone who wrote that, since James was posting at a mathematical newsgroup, then he should post about Mathematics.]

Hey, I made a mistake as I may have started out wanting to talk of reminding now with the quadratic residue result and then shifted to saying reminded, but did not go back to change from "reminding" to "reminded".

As for math, why am I on freaking Usenet now anyway?

I am because the math establishment has succeeded at ignoring my results for years, so I have few ways to get the word out.

My point to you all is that they have to know what they are doing.

As you watch now with yet another result I want to emphasize up front that here we go again, so you can watch these people as I have watched them over the years with major result after major result where they just explain away, rationalize, and just plain lie about my research—and people believe them.

This is at least my fourth major result.

Notice though you will not see headlines tomorrow about this major research find which could lead to a proof of one of the most famous still unsolved problems in mathematics.

But if Wiles, or Ribet or Taylor, or any of a number of other members of the in-crowd of mathematics had the same exact results, math people would be falling all over themselves getting excited and talking about the possibilities surrouding this extraordinary link between primes, their quadratic residues and factorization.

The point here is that I am not a crackpot.

I do make mistakes—using modern problem solving techniques, like brainstorming.

Despite my explanation of what I do, and the demonstrations, repeatedly, of how powerful modern problem solving techniques are, I get ridiculed for using them.

My results are usually huge, and still people ignore them.

The issues here are political.

Here we go again, but I hope that some of you will start acting like educated adults, and this time I will see less support for the people who make it their business to attack my research using any distraction, lie, or whatever they can think of, to convince you.

I still hope—wonder how that is possible giving what I have seen over the YEARS—that some of you, will maybe, this time, use critical thinking.

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