Sunday, April 09, 2006


JSH: Negative politics

It's all politics now.

Posters can't match me mathematically, and now can't even claim counterexamples to my research as I've simplified, and removed room for the specious objections.

That leaves them nothing else to do but just SAY negative things, and notice the negative campaign has not stopped.

It's a political world.

Politics have always been important in modern mathematics as mathematicians who gained renown and developed a reputation could get more as a result, but a mathematical proof is a proof is a proof is a proof without regard to who discovers it.

You people made it political so that you say that mathematicians create proofs, and ascribe discovery to personality.

Not a surprise as you're not different from the rest of the world, but here instead of Julia Roberts it's Mazur or instead of Tom Cruise, you have Taylor.

Human beings have a NEED for politics and for celebrities and for special rules for people thought special.

So my research gets suppressed because you look at me as not being the kind of person you are willing to allow to have research at that level.

And the political campaign continues.

History shows that in situations like this, your group has to lose members and the people who are dedicated to the old system have to leave first before there is progress, which indicates this could take some decades, but I'm hoping.

As time goes on and people now children who grow up and read about my work and come to understand it move into the colleges and universities around the world, the politics will change, the heroes will change, and the story will move forward.

My hope, still, is that I don't have to wait for the slow process, but it may be necessary.

Your group may lie about mathematics for decades yet, generate so much worthless work in areas where I've shown the mathematical ideas you have don't work, and be proud of it, until the day when it's all known to have been wasted effort, and it's tossed out, as the new blood arrives.

I like to think that some of you would care about wasting your time, working hard for nothing except future repudiation in a world where people will know you had the opportunity to know the truth, but chose instead, to ignore it.

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