Sunday, April 30, 2006


JSH: Math does not care

It amazes me that so many of you who seem to think you are mathematicians are really just people who like complicated stuff.

One of the most common criticisms of my work is that it's too simple.

Those of you who come across my postings who are outside the math field need to really think about that for a bit.

People in the math field criticise my research for being too simple.

These people LOVE results that few people in the world can comprehend as it proves to them that they are smarter than anyone else, so they hate simple results that are easily explained, as then it makes them feel less smart.

Most of my research leverages very simple ideas, and I like to use basic algebra as much as possible.

Simple means correct people.

Simple doesn't leave room for error, while complicated does.

I found that a lot of these complicated arguments that few people in the world understand—are wrong.

Rather than face the truth mathematicians mostly ignored my research, while some, especially on Usenet, turned to personal attacks, and a few would actually talk math, but refuse to concede to simple arguments explaining.

These people love useless complexity.

But the math does not care.

To mathematics there is no complexity in any argument. As far as the math is concerned there are no hard problems.

There is just what is correct.

Math people all over the world believe mathematics is their construct. They think they own it in some way so that it behaves according to their will.

But the math does not care.

When they are wrong, they are still wrong, even if few people in the world can understand why.

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