Saturday, April 29, 2006


JSH: How can they care?

I'm sure you people want to keep the faith, but come on. How can any of these people you think are actually competent and excellent mathematicians keep so quiet if they really were?

I like to try and contact some of those big names every once in a while, as I try to find a way to break the impasse, which is why Mazur and Granville got early drafts of a key paper of mine.

Recently, I sent them some stuff about n^2 - r while I was on my way to figuring out my latest result, but got no reply THIS time.

They've learned.

If they reply, I talk about them on Usenet, when they sit quiet afterwards.

I fear that they do not give a damn about mathematics, and why should they?

It's screwed them over.

These people grew up being told mathematical ideas that I can shoot down with simple quadratic equations were gold.

They built their careers on research that my research shows is invalid.

What do they have left?

They just have the faith of the world, which keeps them in their positions, and keeps them getting paychecks.

What does Wiles have if the full story comes out?

Not only does he lose credit for proving FLT, but it's likely that ALL of his research over his entire career goes out, as not being valid mathematics.

These people get shot back to zero.

More and more I can understand why they would choose to sit quiet as in their position, would I do any different?

Maybe luckily for me I've been disillusioned so many times in life that it's hard for me to believe in anything any more, except what I can personally and simply prove down to basic axioms so that there is absolutely no room for error.

Then what happened to Wiles, Ribet, Taylor, Granville, Mazur and so many of you cannot happen.

If you all had gone through your lessons, proving everything back to basic axioms, you might possibly have found a flaw in ideal theory, and saved yourselves a lot of grief.

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