Saturday, April 22, 2006


JSH: Goldbach, quadratic residues, brainstorming

So the point of brainstorming is to throw out a LOT of ideas quickly, where you know many of them are likely to be crap, and see where that takes you.

Well I went from crappy assertions about the twin primes conjecture, to nifty work on quadratic residues, to figuring out a relation between quadratic residues and Goldbach's conjecture.

That's brainstorming, and that's extreme mathematics.

Now I am very hopeful that the impasse can be ended so I shouldn't need the newsgroups anymore and besides, it's getting to where it's nearly impossible for me to put anything out here without dealing with a tremendous ton of junk in reply, so you people have done a very good job at convincing me that these newsgroups are a waste of my time.

But I put it all on my blog.

I keep wondering how so many of you can be so naive about problem solving, and so willing to follow along with people who don't seem to know very much more than how to be obnoxious in reply to me, as if you weren't, some of you could have made your careers by following out from lines of my research.

But now, you're too far behind. The rest of the mathematical world knows ahead of you, and there's no way to catch up.

And it's your fault. I was hanging out here first.

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