Monday, April 03, 2006


JSH: Experiments beginning

I have used the newsgroups primarily for brainstorming purposes where I come up with ideas and find that I can more easily judge them and find flaws when I talk about them, and at times posters DO give cogent criticisms which I can use. Also I get information on mathematical topics.

However, given that the mathematical community has shut the door on journals, it seems to me that I need to expand how I use the newsgroups and look to using them as a backdoor into the mathematical community, so that I can break through the current impasse.

That will require that I do some research, which some might consider dubious ethically, so I'm giving fair warning upfront.

In the past I didn't care much about responses and would play at things here and there, but not seriously.

Now that changes.

Some posts will be purely for an effect, where I can do things like see how Google search results shift as people change their search patterns to see what happens.

Some experiments may be in some ways detrimental to a sense of well-being of some of you, while, there is a small chance that for some of you some of the postings may have a dramatic impact.

I will rely on modern psychology, sociology and theories about group dynamics as well as the latest research I may find on neurophysiology and, here and there other things I might throw into the mix.

There will be no further warning, and you will, hardly know exactly what's happening, as it's happening, understand sometimes bizarre changes you will see in the newsgroup, or comprehend some of the behaviors you will see.

This post is, of course, itself the beginning. The information I've given you is partly to introduce the IDEA of the experiment, so that the concept itself will begin the changes I need.

Knowing that is no protection, and in fact, thinking on this subject will only deepen the effect.

Reading this post more than once, may not be good for your mental health, so I recommend that you only read it once. Sometimes the actual postioning of words, pattersn that are hidden to the naked eye, and special phrasings are simply meant to induce certain effects in your brain.

This post should only be read once for many reasons.

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