Saturday, April 15, 2006


JSH: Denial is so remarkable

I read posts where some arrogant person will confidently proclaim that I don't know any mathematics and go on and on with this or that negative, as people repeat what they hear.

Ok, so that works with most people. So?

But I see other posters who will claim that no one believes me, and why do I continue if no one believes me?

You people are trapped by your social needs and befuddled that I'm not.

Are any of you real mathematicians?

I don't think so.

I find it so amazing that I can put up a concise prime counting formula, which actually explains the prime distributiion quickly, and succinctly because it uses a partial difference equation—and I know some of you must know why that's significant—but for those who don't it's why the equations don't require a sieve to count prime numbers, and find primes on their own up to the square root of the input number.

That is an explanation that Gauss looked for, and Riemann looked for, and unlike you people who are caught up in some kind of weird math glitz and glamor world, they actually cared about what the answer was.

But you read that the Riemann Hypothesis is the greatest thing in mathematics and is THE route to understanding the prime distribution as you people are no better than people who are caught up in celebrity news, and that's all that matters to you.

Screw the actual answer. You have pop culture math telling you what's important.

Oh, wow!!! Wonderful!!!

You just believe celebrity math.

You're such children!!!

Gauss actually cared about the truth. Euler actually wanted to know what was mathematically correct. Dedekind wanted to know what was mathematically true.

You people don't give a damn.

You play social games. You look for answers that suit people's careers.

And direct demonstration has no impact on you, but I promise you this, you will be as ephemeral as the rest of the style over substance world.

But you don't care just like "celebrity" people today don't care as this world no longer values knowledge.

It values claims. That's why George W. Bush can claim this or that, say Rumsfeld is the best person for the job, no matter what the facts say, or how many generals under him talk about his incompetence.

This world is about style over substance. Claims over facts.

People who think all that matters is if you have the crowd on your side.

Screw the crowd, what's true?

I want to know what's true. I don't care what millions of Americans believe is true.

I don't give a damn about what the "American people" have decided is the answer.

I want to know what is the actual answer. Not what the latest poll says is convincing.

You people don't give a damn about mathematics.

You are just so low, so base, yet you think you are part of the same society that Gauss and Riemann were part of?

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