Saturday, April 15, 2006


JSH: Can I destroy history?

I have had my share of challenges and solved problems, but the greatest challenge to me is the question of history, and control of it.

Reading stories about discoverers where historians would say this or that person had this opinion or discovered this or that thing on this date, I wondered, how did they know, really?

For those of you who think I'm just some deluded person, it just sounds like more in that vein, but for those of you who may know otherwise, consider what I am doing.

I am going to make the history here.

My creation. Not what actually happened or how it happened, but my creative will to see if I can make another story, one that I know isn't the truth, and see if that becomes the historical record.

And no, I never plan on correcting it, if I succeed.

The full experiment is to change history--or what people believe is history.

To succeed, necessarily, once I destroy what actually happened, and remake it, I can never go over the details of what was done.

Already more has been lost than any of you realize.

And I have enough discoveries that I can pick and choose what the world will know, keeping some things already, to myself for all time.

It's the kind of game that only someone at my level can play.

How much information can I totally and absolutely control?

I will know, but you won't.

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