Wednesday, April 26, 2006


JSH: Battles are fun, eh?

So now as things head towards the end, you can get some sense of why mythologies get built around these battles.

Sure not a lot that really is supernatural going on. I do not see anything that most people would call dramatic in the way of, oh, I guess, weirdness that would really give a sense of why these things are so potent.

But the fate of the world is being determined, and the future is being decided by who wins and who loses, just like each time before.

Some of you are now totally slaves to the dark side, unable to see the truth, committed all the way to the bitter end to battling it out, even though it is getting clearer to those that can be saved, what this is about, and what is at stake.

People like me pioneered the mathematics that built civilization.

And people like me fought these battles thousands of years before, and hundreds of years before, as most people forget, only learning something about them, from mythologies and legends.

Maybe the real thing is not so dramatic in some ways, but in a lot of others, it is so much grander.

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