Saturday, March 11, 2006


JSH: You have nothing

Think back, those of you who have been on the newsgroup long enough, to my pointing out that mathematicians would fight the truth.

Now I have you on the record fighting the distributive property.

You people have nothing.

You cannot have mathematical proof, when you do not follow mathematical proof.

You're now less than religious zealots.

ANY statement you make can be challenged from now on, based on your proven ability to lie about what people might have thought before was of most value to you.

I told you years ago what you would do.

You people do not care about mathematics.

You care about your egos, you care about your salaries as professors if you are one, you care about your potential career as a mathematician.

And I can take all of that away from you, so you care about lying about, the distributive property.

You have nothing left for me to take.

You sold your souls. Congratulations.

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