Monday, March 27, 2006


JSH: Wasting my time

The math newsgroups as far as I'm concerned have only two uses:
  1. As a place for me to talk out ideas as I brainstorm.

  2. As a place to get criticism that hopefully occasionally is freaking useful, so that I can weed out the errors, or learn something about why mathematicians believe something or other.
For years, you people have at least been of minimal use to me, but increasingly I'm finding I'm getting less and less useful feedback.

It's starting to bother me slightly.

I may have to figure out some way to clear out the losers and bring in more useful posters, and believe me, I know how to do it.

It might be time finally, again, to clean house on these newsgroups.

I've been a bit lazy about that but I'm starting to feel a little frustrated!!!

Yes, I'm pushing you past normal limits, like always, and my research is so far beyond what anyone has ever done that it's hard, but I need some useful feedback, and if I break all of you in the process of getting that feedback, so be it.

There are always more people being born, who grow up and do math, who will eventually come to one of these newsgroups, so I figure, hey, down the road, I'll just use someone else.

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