Sunday, March 12, 2006


JSH: Freaky, eh?

So yeah, I figured out how to do some mathematical analysis in such a way that I can easily generate factoring equations the like of which have never been seen on this planet.

I think it interesting that some of you have such a contempt for the textbooks in the field so that you come here on Usenet and, say, insult me, or claim my research just doesn't work and isn't of value, when I can just go out there, do a little research, and see there has never been seen anything like it before.

So yeah, that's how it's easy for me to just ignore a lot of you.

I rely on the known research in the field.

You're just some mean people on Usenet, what do you know?

I discovered the techniques I use to get my current surrogate factoring equations back in December 1999 so I have years now of familiarity with them, and they still are like nothing in the mathematical field, but they are my discoveries.

I have my prime counting function research where I use a partial difference equation--specially constrained--to count prime numbers, where it is also unique, though in that case, its similarities to what was previously known is telling!

A partial difference equation in prime counting, and Usenet people jumped up and down claiming it was no value, when there are no others known.

No one else in history from what I've been able to find has ever figured out a way to use a partial difference equation, constrained or otherwise, to count prime numbers, and because it is a partial difference equation with a partial differential equation analog, it may hold the key to answering the Riemann Hypothesis.

That information is easily found out by checking the literature.

Usenet people claim it's junk.

Usenet people seem to think that no one checks them on things they say.

Usenet people are wrong on that score.

So I think a lot of you are not very bright. I see many of you as simply territorial animals who see Usenet as your space when it's a public space, merely enforcing the point that you are not very bright.

So, short story is that I discount most of what most of you say immediately as, I don't see you as being all that intelligent, while you make points that I can just check the literature on—which I DO—and see that you're full of it.

Freaky, eh?

Some of you seem to think you're so brilliant and it's bizarre reading your posts, checking the literature, seeing you're clueless and then noticing that you are really excited over trying to protect your little corner of Usenet when it's a public space.

I have results never before seen, discoveries that provably advance the frontiers of human knowledge, and the knowledge that history shows this sort of interim period is quite normal and expected given those facts.

Fun stuff, yeah!

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