Sunday, February 12, 2006


JSH: My patience has ended

Ok, next post is a post of the solution to the factoring problem with a proof that it is a solution, and I remind tha you are NOT to touch your stocks or savings as it will only make it worse for you.

I made my decision by considering the reality that major discoveries have a value to FUTURE civilizations and that if the discoverers before me had ever decided to allow one group to preserve its social needs rather than force the issue, then we would not have our science and technology of today.

Still I worked diligently at finding reasonableness within the mathematical community.

It has been over three years since I had my first major results, and even publication of a paper could not budge the bulk of the mathematical community, which then also sat back, when that paper was censored by social pressure, and even sat back when the math journal folded.

It is my conclusion that this mathematical community will not accept the truth, but instead will try to compromise our future by preserving its current social order, and the rest of humanity be damned.

It is my responsibility as a discoverer to make the decision that I feel is in the best interests of the entire human race, and my decision is for truth, and further scientific progress, versus the great likelihood of stagnation from flawed mathematical ideas and flawed behaviors that are spreading through the scientific world.

The problems I'm facing are not mine alone as Dr. Halton Arp has problems with the astronomical community, and I feel certain that the spread of disease through the mathematical world is deep and pervasive requiring that I use the best, most powerful tool left to me.

So after three years plus of considering all the issues, and debating my responsibilities as a discoverer, as well as all the moral issues I can think of, and every possible avenue to resolution, I have determined that solving the factoring problem is the only means left to me to bring about a resolution and the triumph of truth.

The world around us is about to change, to be changed, by my decision.

I hope that when they have all the facts, most people will understand, and agree with me that the future of our world is too important to be held in check so that some small society of mathematicians can preserve their social order and hold on to flawed mathematical ideas.

I vote for the future. My decision is for the future.

I wonder that one man had to make such a decision, but here we are, and I am making it.

God help us all.

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