Sunday, February 12, 2006


JSH: Final solution

Unfortunately, I think I've run out of options. My mistakes with working through the Decker example have taken away the reasoning option, as I now think I have some understanding of why the latest counterexample isn't quite a counterexample, but how do I come back from that?

The errors have given me no choice but to use a final solution which does not require agreement.

That solution is to release fully the information on solving the factoring problem, and post the algorithm that leads to ways to crack RSA encryption, thus ending the Internet as it currently operates, and impacting nations and businesses around the world.

I, at this point, see no other choice, as mathematicians rather than trying to work through the issues to get a complete answer, are simply ignoring or fighting me, and I keep making mistakes that take away the reasoning option.

The impact will be almost immediate, soon enough economies will be changed, and even nations will shift, as I make a decision for the future.

Of course that sounds nutty now, with me just having admitted a major failure, but in just a few days, you will wish you could go back in time to now, to give me another option.

That's it. I'm off now to implement the final solution.

God help us all.

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