Sunday, January 22, 2006


JSH: Why wait?

So now you know. I can compile a list of examples using

a^3 + 3(-1+xf^2)a^2 - f^2(x^3 f^4 - 3x^2 f^2 + 3x) = 0

with INTEGERS where my research is shown to be correct.

Sure, people could claim that I'm cherrypicking and wouldn't show a counter example, or just dismiss saying examples do not prove.

But what if I did have a thousand, or a hundred thousand cases piled up showing that my theory worked in every one and you could show none?

So why not do it? Why not at least try and end this?

You still don't get it, do you?

Some of you still have jobs as math professors now because I let you.

I will continue to let you, indefinitely.

But one day, I'll decide that my vacation is over and I'm ready to actually step onto the world stage and take the position that is now mine because of these discoveries.

And when I feel mature enough and ready for that burden, then I will end this, and for some of you that day will be the end of your careers.

I don't think it could possibly take me more than five more years to get a handle on all of this and finally be able to accept the burden.

So, appreciate the time I'm giving you, or don't, if you're too stupid to realize that it is time I'm giving you. But stay out of my way, and I'll, for the moment, stay out of yours.

I'm done posting for now, though I'll check back to see if someone dares to try and post some examples, as they will only show I am right.

I kind of wonder about you people though, as your future is in my hands. And it's not really that surprising that given the opportunity to sit back and mature versus dealing with a tremendous crush of world attention, I let you go on as I do.

But how do you live with that? How do you go on, make plans for your future and your families knowing that the reason you can is that I am still working on growing up?

That I just don't feel like dealing with the really big stuff yet?

I think replies here will be eery to people in the future, as some of you post big and proud and they read what you said, here, when they know that I was telling the truth, and they know what happens to some of you.

Maybe that's the point of this post.

I want them to see those replies.

To the future.

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