Sunday, January 22, 2006


JSH: Power of prediction

Having correct mathematics means you can say something based on mathematical proof without concern that the mathematical realities won't follow that proof.

Mathematics is a perfect field. If you are correct, you are perfectly correct.

Your predictions are then absolutely perfect, through infinity.

It's power like no other.

It's part of what gives for some an aura of mysticism and power to the mathematical field: perfect prediction.

So I have the ability, since I have the correct mathematics, to point out an area of perfect prediction, and you can, because you're flawed people, fight, as people have often fought, against mathematical absolutes.

I think it telling that no one still will give the example that sci.math'ers themselves came up with years ago with

a^3 + 3(-1+xf^2)a^2 - f^2(x^3 f^4 - 3x^2 f^2 + 3x) = 0

where you people found a rational solution, looking for a counterexample, and yes, one of the letters was different as I used m instead of x, but you know that doesn't matter, as I see it as proof that some of you deliberately lie.

The posts are out there. Somewhere. Someone can find them and show them, so why not just post the example now versus waiting?

Because you are trying to fight against mathematical absolutes. Funny.

You know you lie. You know that the mathematics supports me. But you know that the group supports you and wants to believe you.

But I can slowly chip away at you for years with the facts. The mathematics won't change, and eventually people may realize you're lying to them, and get upset.

Or they may not. Who cares? The mathematics is mine. THAT knowledge gives me that confidence that it has given real mathematicians throughout history.

You can fake being a mathematician if you wish. You can come here and lie all you want, and get people who cheer you and boo me, but that's why you have those stories of mathematicians who don't give a damn about what society thinks of them because they have mathematical proof.

Some of you may have noticed that I seem to get a sort of giddy joy out of posting on sci.math when there are all sorts of negatives tossed at me and a lot of social crap as I call it.

What gives? Imagine you found people who were willing to argue with you about 2+2=4, and you could count out on your fingers or count out on their fingers and show over and over again that 2+2=4, but they ridiculed you and made fun of you about this simple thing because they couldn't get it.

What if you just got a kick out of poking them? And watching them go through their gyrations?

One of the greatest fears of those with real power is the abuse of that power. I have the correct mathematics and not a lot of reason to care one way or the other about playing by the rules that a lot of people do. I can poke you people and watch you dance.

And I can do it when I want, and wonder about you, as I do a lot. You seem to value this social crap. You need to have that group feeling and you think it matters when you make these posts calling me names or saying I'm wrong when I can prove I'm right.

I try to escape the fascination with you, but I find myself still poking you, like now.

It's like, you're these weird primitives that I can't quite get enough of.

There's something flawed about your brains. Or your brains are too limited to fully grasp the situation.

I find you, fascinating.

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