Monday, January 23, 2006


JSH: Facts don't lie

The sci.math newsgroup relies on social tools.

That's why you needed an email campagin to shoot down my paper.

That's why so many of you use insults and namecalling.

I've watched the group behavior here for years.

You follow standard herd behavior.

There are a few posters you follow as leaders, and you have some standard beliefs that you hold onto no matter what.

A lot of your reactions are mindless and knee-jerk, reflexive.

What made any of you think that you are mathematicians?

Notice how I am, see how little social crap affects me?

Notice my ability to function under the kind of social pressure that would force most of you to curl up into a little ball and cry.

Why? How can I do that?

Any clue? Any?

Um, what if it's because actually having mathematical proof means you know that you are right no matter what people say or believe?

What if knowing that numbers will behave according to theory you've found gives you that confidence that can infuriate people who DO NOT UNDERSTAND mathematics?

You are social animals. What do you know of truth?

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