Friday, January 27, 2006


Cancels and google

Well I can see this cancel attack thing someone was talking about as it looks like Google accepts the cancels so a lot of posts aren't showing up in Google groups though I suspect they are showing up for people who have other systems.

Oh well, I'm not that excited about it. This story for me is so weird already that the weird elements are just par for the course.

I've been talking about this for years now, and various odd people with their agendas come and go.

Years ago on sci.math some person thought it brilliant to have a robot program reply to all my posts deleting out what I said to flame me and later post a link to a flame website.

The weirdest thing to me was not even that the sci.math newsgroup cheered that program and the unknown to me person who did it, but when someone came along and questioned the decency of it, they attacked him en masse, and that wasn't what was weird to me.

What was weird was, he caved, and conceded to the group.

So he went back on what he posted before to suddenly say that having some robot program stalking a poster was an ok thing.

That to me says a lot about the mathematical world, the power of the group to force people to go against what they profess to believe.

I see mathematicians as groupthink people. They believe what they tell each other to believe.

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